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Fricana Skin Supplement.

Fricana Skin Whitening Capsules Is Unique & Better Than Any Supplement Or Cream













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You Will Never Waste Your Money On Any Cream Again After Trying Fricana Skin Whitening Supplement!

This is our client from calabar who had severe burns on her face and bad dark knuckles due to a bad cream she used.

She was skeptical and didn't want to order because of the price and she was tired of wasting money on online products but the good thing was that we managed to make her see the value of this product.

She tried it after days of back and forth and guess what? trying our product was one of the best things she did this year as her skin issue is gone and she looks younger and brighter 🔆

She wish she got it earlier.

Still doubting if this product will work?

We have a lot of reviews from our customers who were scared at first but they decided to try our supplements and the results are amazing! 

Here is Honorable Mrs Zaynab from Kogi State, who tried our supplement and has referred a lot of people to Fricana Naturals.

Another testimony from Accolades organic skincare, she uses our supplement and can confirm the effectiveness!

Another testimony from Sahtu, who has used so many peeling cream to get rid of her dark knuckles, she tried our supplement and all her dark knuckles faded!

Another testimony from Leah Mathias, she tried our supplement and according to her feedback, her skin glows like the sun!

Mrs Abiola from Ejigbo, Lagos used our product in 2022 amd saw fantastic results on the 8th day!

Mrs Chidoka from Awka, is one of our biggest customers, steadily dropping reviews on our Facebook page!

We don’t fake reviews. This product works!!

More WhatsApp Reviews from customers.

These Customers were scared to get this product at first but in less than 1 month , their feedback is mind blowing!

NOTE : These are REAL customers.


See What Other Customers Have Said About Using The Supplement!

I Used To Be Ashamed Of My Face.

I used to rely on heavy makeups and I was so ashamed of the way my face looked because of so many dark spots but since I started taking this capsules I can testify that this product works perfectly. Thanks to you guys for this wonderful skin whitening supplement.

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. I saw this product on Facebook and decided to try it and my dark spots have all vanished and now I can go out without having to wear makeup all the time. 

Naturally I don’t like capsules but so far this product has proved me wrong. I can’t thank you guys enough.


Jemima, Abuja

I have never seen anything like this before!

I was tired of using creams and serums that didn’t work so I got the supplement 2 months ago but I had to stop using it because I was getting too white.

It is too strong and I only used it 4 times a week because of my busy schedule but I still got very white in complexion so imagine if I took it every day , I am very sure I would have my desired results in a shorter time.

What surprised me was that I saw faster results compared to when I was using my cream. I have never seen anything like this before!

I don’t take it everyday because I sometimes forget but my skin is too beautiful. Fricana Skin Whitening supplement is for everyone who wants to glow and I like the fact that it faded my stretch marks and dark spots from child birth.

Initially I thought it won’t work and I was afraid of any side effects but now I have introduced a lot of my friends and sisters to this product.

Even as I Stopped taking it about 2 Months ago , I am still very fair in complexion and my color has not returned to it’s old state.

Give it a try .. It is value for money and it is different from other cheap products that don’t work , it has no side effects and it works better than cream.

I will recommend this supplement to anyone looking for a permanent solution to her skin problems with no side effects.

Omotola, Ekiti


I was Scared before but Not Anymore.

I got to know about this supplement from an Instagram influencer but it took me 2 months before I was finally convinced to buy because I was scared of side effects of capsules.

I am on my 4th bottle and the results have been wonderful , my skin is now white and my stretch marks is fading.

I am a breastfeeding mother so it’s natural to be scared but this product has cleared my doubts. 

Please get Yours now because a good product like this is very rare.


Helen, Asaba

I Can’t Find My Stretch Marks!

I had horrible and disgusting stretch marks that caused me sleepless nights. My Man was always complaining about it and I felt so ashamed of the way I looked.

It was so bad that I didn’t have any clothes that showed my skin and I felt sad anytime I looked at myself in the mirror.

I don’t want to write too much but if you have stretch marks that won’t go away then you will understand.

I used to think stretch marks has no cure till I tried the Fricana Skin Whitening supplement.

From 4 days , I started to see little little changes and now I have been on it for 3 months plus and I can’t find my stretch marks again.

It is truly Magical and very rich in collagen. You should try something that works internally for stretch marks.. 

Don’t loose hope .. The Cure is here!


Annabel, Warri


Yes , anybody can take it. It doesn’t affect conception.

We have sold this product for 2 and half years and we have not recorded any negative side effects from customers.

No, this product is strong enough so you don’t need cream.

For whitening supplement, Yes.

You have to stop any whitening supplements you take.

For any other supplements.

No, this product can be used with multivitamins.

For Multi vitamins and supplement for well being, Yes.

For any other Medications like Malaria, High blood pressure, Arthritis (Serious ailments).

Please consult with your Doctor.

Breastfeeding mothers can take it but pregnant women cannot take it but however if you are pregnant , You can get it now and keep it till you give birth.

The capsules have a shelf life of 2 years.

If you are pregnant , please send us a WhatsApp message on 09125039276 for a product that suits your needs.

There are 60 Capsules in a bottle

We have dispatch riders in every state in Nigeria so not to worry , we are very close to you. You will get your package very fast, delivery is very affordable to your house or office.

So click the big button below to see the price and get it.

Guaranteed results from 7 days when you use it Morning or Night.

When you buy , more instructions will be given for best & faster results.


We have so many customers who have used this product and it works wonderfully well but only if you use it correctly.

It is taken 2 capsules daily at once before food.

As long as you are taking it consistently , FAST RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED AND IT IS 100% NATURAL.

The only time You won’t get fast results is when you take the capsules once in a while or skip so many times and of course , You want to get the best value for your money so You won’t want to waste it.

The results are permanent , your skin won’t return back to it’s previous look and when you get your results you can stop taking it everyday. You don’t have to take it for life.

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