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If you have wasted so much of your hard earned money on creams, serums, and oils with no tangible result then this is the most important page you will visit today and you need to pay close attention to get a final solution!

Here Is The Real Truth Why Your Creams, Oils & Serums Don't Work.

And the reason is simple…

Cream, oil, and serum only work on the outer part of your skin and this can NEVER solve your skin problem permanently.

That is why the moment you stop using your cream, your skin will return to its previous state.

Before pimple, wrinkle, acne, dark spots, sunburn, and the rest started appearing on your face and body…

…the Inner skin tissue must have been completely damaged with various toxins accumulated through the daily environmental pollutants.


The SAD fact is creams, oil, and serums ONLY work on the outer part of the Body

Leaving your inner part which is the main cause of your dull skin , pimple, dark spot, acne, sunburn , Stretch Marks etc…

The Reason I know about this is because I have been there too.

I battled with dull skin with stretch marks, ugly sunburn, damaged & reddish skin, dark spots  & other skin problems for 3 agonizing Years!

All of a sudden, my skin was getting darker, and I tried more than 17 skincare products, but non was able to solve my skin problems permanently.

At a point it got so terrible that…

I felt ashamed of going out, whenever I look at my skin in the mirror

I would become so angry at myself and just wish that skin would just return to it’s whiter, smoother and beautiful state again.

The situation was really embarrassing and annoying until I contacted a Nigerian-Canadian born dermatologist (Skin Doctor)

I explained my frustration with him, and he immediately recommended FRICANA 5 DAYS SKIN WHITENING TEA which has been tested in his Lab.

He said the FRICANA 5 DAYS SKIN WHITENING TEA wasn’t available or SOLD in Nigeria at the time but he will get it across to me in few days if I ordered for it.

I quickly placed an order, and it arrived very quickly!


My Colleague also used Fricana 5 Days Skin Whitening Tea after struggling with dark knuckles, and she was completely amazed at the results!

All the dead and worn-out tissues in her body started working again!

Her pale & dull skin started glowing & coming back to life!

The stubborn Stretch marks, sunburn, dark spots, reddish skin, wrinkles & other skin problems she had started clearing off her skin rapidly! 

It destroyed all the toxins in her body accumulated by environmental pollutants that happens daily.

And now this FRICANA 5 DAYS SKIN WHITENING TEA has given me and my colleague a FLAWLESS & WHITER skin for the first time in 3 Years.

And the amazing thing is that it has no side effects, it is 100% Safe and easy to take.

You only have to take 2 tea bags daily after food, and you are good to go!

Look my dear, don’t waste your hard-earned money on all these cheap BLEACHING cream and FAKE serum that turns you PINK or give you COKE & FANTA colour. 

They’ll only leave you with very ugly looking black spots, Stretch marks, dark knuckles or burnt face.

What you need to look for is a natural organic based tea that cleans up your skin inside-outside & slowly brings out the brighter side of you in a glowing and neat way.

Are You tired of using different creams, serums, and oil that promises heaven on earth only to find out that it doesn't work?

See how young and glowing my colleague looks! you too can achieve a natural brighter skin that no one will guess you used something.

Have you tried other whitening products that don’t work?

Think about it…

I know you have tried a lot of skincare products only to end up wasting your hard-earned money.

Don’t you think it’s time you tried something different and new?

Surely, you need to try something completely different, and shortly I will expose to you the biggest secret ever in the skincare industry!




TODAY’S PRICE OF 1 PACK IS NOW #33,000 INSTEAD OF #41,500 (SAVE #8,500)



You might be wondering why this tea is expensive? You might think it is expensive but when you try just 1 pack of this tea, you will know that it is cheap compared to the result it will give you.


Fricana 5 DAYS SKIN WHITENING TEA works in a unique way to brighten, glow your skin and make you look younger! even without cream.. 

We also offer a SOLID NO NONSENSE GUARANTEE on this product. If you don’t get you want after using this product, come back to us and we will REFUND you

Transform your skin with Fricana 5 days skin whitening tea!

Fricana 5 days skin whitening tea do what it says, leaving you with a stunning glow that you will love.

Whiten your skin effectively without cream and say good bye to stretch marks, dark spots, dark knuckles, green veins.

Our potent and natural ingredients deliver visible results quickly, so that you can feel confident in your own skin.

My dear, I know you have used a lot of skin care products that promised heaven & earth but failed you. 

Now you are wondering if Fricana 5 days skin whitening tea is going to be different?

Try Fricana Skin whitening tea and see the difference for yourself.


You Will Never Waste Your Money On Any Cream Again After Trying Fricana 5 Days Skin Whitening Tea!

Stop wasting Money on expensive creams that don’t work. 

If You have tried so many solutions without results then you need something very strong that works from within. 

This tea are your BEST BET, and It Starts To Work From 5 Days.

Even in this hot weather you don’t need to spend money on expensive cream. 

Here is a solution that works 10 times better than cream and won’t make you sweat.

Don’t Continue 2023 with a dull looking skin.

Clean up and treat your skin permanently from the inside just like our customer Nelly From Enugu.

More WhatsApp Reviews from customers.

These Customers were scared to get this product at first but in less than 10 days, their feedback have been mind blowing!


See What Other Customers Have Said About Using The Tea!

I Used To Be Ashamed Of My Face.

I used to rely on heavy makeups and I was so ashamed of the way my face looked because of so many dark spots but since I started taking this tea I can testify that this product works perfectly. Thanks to you guys for this wonderful skin whitening tea.

This is the best thing I have ever seen in my life. I saw this product on Facebook and decided to try it and my dark spots have all vanished and now I can go out without having to wear makeup all the time. 

Naturally I am scared of things that work from the inside but so far this product has proved me wrong. I can’t thank you guys enough.


Jemima, Abuja

I have never seen anything like this before!

I was tired of using creams and serums that didn’t work so I got the tea 2 months ago but I had to stop using it because I was getting too white.

It is too strong and I only used it 4 times a week because of my busy schedule but I still got very white in complexion so imagine if I took it every day , I am very sure I would have my desired results in a shorter time.

What surprised me was that I saw faster results compared to when I was using my cream. I have never seen anything like this before!

I don’t take it everyday because I sometimes forget but my skin is too beautiful. Fricana Skin 5 days skin whitening tea is for everyone who wants to glow and I like the fact that it faded my stretch marks and dark spots from child birth.

Initially I thought it won’t work and I was afraid of any side effects but now I have introduced a lot of my friends and sisters to this product.

Even as I Stopped taking it about 2 Months ago , I am still very fair in complexion and my color has not returned to it’s old state.

Give it a try .. It is value for money and it is different from other cheap products that don’t work , it has no side effects and it works better than cream.

I will recommend this tea to anyone looking for a permanent solution to her skin problems with no side effects.

Omotola, Ekiti


I was Scared before but Not Anymore.

I got to know about this tea from an Instagram influencer but it took me 2 months before I was finally convinced to buy because I was scared of side effects of capsules.

I am on my 4th pack and the results have been wonderful , my skin is now white and my stretch marks are fading.

I am a breastfeeding mother so it’s natural to be scared but this product has cleared my doubts. 

Please get Yours now because a good product like this is very rare.


Helen, Asaba

I Can’t Find My Stretch Marks!

I had horrible and disgusting stretch marks that caused me sleepless nights. My Man was always complaining about it and I felt so ashamed of the way I looked.

It was so bad that I didn’t have any clothes that showed my skin and I felt sad anytime I looked at myself in the mirror.

I don’t want to write too much but if you have stretch marks that won’t go away then you will understand.

I used to think stretch marks has no cure till I tried the Fricana Skin Whitening tea.

From 4 days , I started to see little little changes and now I have been on it for 3 months plus and I can’t find my stretch marks again.

It is truly Magical and very rich in collagen. You should try something that works internally for stretch marks.. 

Don’t loose hope .. The Cure is here!


Annabel, Warri


I know You Might Be Asking....

Look, i perfectly understand your fears because i have suffered and been disappointed like you many times.

There are lots of creams, oil & serums out there and most of them certainly don’t work.

Some are pretty harmful too & may cause skin damage.

However, this Skin Whitening tea is formulated with extra-ordinary special blends of natural herbs that are highly effective and proven to work on anybody AND IT HAS NO SIDE EFFECTS.

You have ABSOLUTELY nothing to lose.

The 5 days skin Whitening tea works like MAGIC. Like, really really works and the only way to confirm is to just give it a try right now.

It is not sold anywhere in the country for now, and this is the only GOLDEN chance to grab one of the few packs left in stock.

If You delay or MISS out on this offer, you’ll NEVER find it again.

In fact you are very likely to continue battling with those ugly sunburn, wrinkles, dark spots, reddish skin and other skin related problems that may make you lose your love relationship.

Just like me in the past, you may continue to waste money buying & trying out fake products that would never work or that may even damage your skin beyond repair.

Think about what may happen to YOU & YOUR relationship because of the way your skin is filled with ugly stretch marks , dark knuckles , dark spots, sunburn, pimples, wrinkles and the rest!

YOUR love partner may just find you completely unattractive. Hmm… plus all these Hot Babes in jeans jumping around with fresh , glowing and smooth skin, Omo forget it cos you already know what’s going down. Lol!

Apart from losing your love partner, think of the risk of permanent skin damage and you know what that means if you are yet to get married.

You can skip all those ugly experiences & quickly order a bottle of the skin whitening supplement now that its still on a MASSIVE PROMO DISCOUNT.

This Special Offer is for the next 6 people who orders today ONLY.

Our reputation as a company is more important to us than money.

If You get this Skin Whitening tea , You don’t see  even if it’s a small change .. 

..WhatsApp 09125039276 and we will refund you in full and you get to keep the product as an apology for wasting your time.. 


You must proof to our company that you use the product as instructed.

I am very sure this product will work for you because we have real results from real people. 

We Wouldn’t want to tarnish our reputation by selling fake products and we wouldn’t you to buy a product that won’t work in the first place.

All our products are original and genuine with no side effects. 

We are giving you 100% Assurance on this.

Right Now we are on promo and valentine is here! 

This is the right time to start treating your skin! Invest in your skin.

Pamper yourself after all the hard-work.. Skincare is selfcare!

We want you to look at your skin in the mirror and be proud of your whiter , smoother and glowing skin. 

Don’t waste time..

Don’t settle for anything less than amazing. 

You deserve a radiant skin to enhance your beauty from the inside out and the solution is here!

Try Fricana 5 days Skin whitening tea today and experience the difference for yourself.


Yes , anybody can take it. It doesn’t affect conception.

We have sold this product for 2 and half years and we have not recorded any negative side effects from customers.

Guaranteed results from 5 days when you use it Morning and Night.

When you buy , more instructions will be given for best & faster results.

No, this product is strong enough so you don’t need cream.

Please stop any organic cream you are using and try this product.

For whitening supplement, Yes.

You have to stop any whitening supplements you take.

For any other supplements.

No, this product can be used with multivitamins.

For multi vitamins and supplement for well being, Yes.

For any other Medications like Malaria, High blood pressure, Arthritis (Serious ailments).

Please consult with your Doctor.

Breastfeeding mothers can take it but pregnant women cannot take it but however if you are pregnant , You can get it now and keep it till you give birth.

The capsules have a shelf life of 2 years.

If you are pregnant , please send us a WhatsApp message on 09125039276 for a product that suits your needs.

There are 30 teabags in a bottle

We have dispatch riders in every state in Nigeria so not to worry , we are very close to you. You will get your package very fast, delivery is very affordable to your house or office.

So click the big button below to see the price and get it.


We have so many customers who have used this product and it works wonderfully well but only if you use it correctly.

It is taken 1 tea bag morning and 1 tea bag at night after food.

As long as you are taking it consistently , FAST RESULTS ARE GUARANTEED AND IT IS 100% NATURAL.

The only time You won’t get fast results is when you take the tea once in a while or skip so many times and of course , You want to get the best value for your money so You won’t want to waste it.

The results are permanent , your skin won’t return back to it’s previous look and when you get your results you can stop taking it everyday. You don’t have to take it for life.

Not still satisfied?

Send us a WhatsApp Message to chat with a Live Human Customer Care Support. Click the button below to chat with our reps!

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